Why Preserved Roses?

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Preserved roses are roses that will last over a year and make a great gift or decoration. We often get questions such as; do we need to water the flowers? Do they need sun light? The answers to both questions are NO. Although, Preserved Rose Box arrangements are fairly new to some people, the process of preserving flowers isn't so new.

Preserved Roses are 100% natural products that have undergone a preservation process to maintain their beauty and freshness with no need for water or sunlight

We use the highest quality of Ecuadorian and Colombian Roses.
Roses are grown, then cut and carefully preserved to extend their beauty and use.
Preserving process is done when the roses are fully bloomed at their most beautiful state. This process takes days and for some flowers sometimes weeks.

Why are they costly?

Unlike real fresh roses, preserved roses, also known as roses that last, need to go through a time consuming process. In return you get a long lasting rose arrangement that maintains a natural look and feel. Just think of how cost effective it is to have fresh looking roses on your coffee table that don't need to be replaced weekly! Instead you will have roses that can last for months even years! 

So the next time you are thinking for that special gift or a decoration for you home or office. Think of Real Preserved Roses that will last!

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